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OC creation, rants, etc.'s Journal
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Tuesday, July 17th, 2007
3:36 am
First Essay Ever...on Character Creation
Here is my first essay on Livejournal.  It is about my reasons for being so hard on some OC's.  Pretty much, to summarize it, I'm talking about my feelings over OC creation, and things that certain people do wrong.

Feel free to read, and comment!  All opinions and thoughts are welcome!  Feel free to post your own essays and rants as well.  :D Enjoy...

(Character Creation)
2:46 am
Forms for Sporkings and Critique
Here are some forms you might need here, they are in no way mandatory, but if it helps...

(Form for Sporkings and OC critique:)

There is no form needed for essays or anything of that sort, just rant away! 
2:40 am
This the first official post of this community.  Pretty much, this is a place that isn't meant to cause conflict.   All I want is to put up a place where people who create characters (or like to read about creating characters...) can get real feedback on them. 

This place is also intended for fun!  We can have sporkings of Rpg characters, and fanfiction charactrs and stories, post rants about things you've seen in this area (don't forget to leave a link^^), do parodies, and put up some random funny stuff when you wish.

Do you like Rpg's?  Then this is also a good place for you.  We can help you create an awesome character, give you decent feedback, or just be something to vent to when you just can't take bad rping anymore.  Same with fanfiction.  I also post my essays on character creation here, as well as delighting in reading about others.  

Again, welcome to this Community, and I hope you have fun, and stick around! 

Current Mood: accomplished
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